Architects in Barcelona use data to make air pollution visible


Born as a proposal to represent Catalonia, in Spain, at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale (postponed to 2021), the research for Air began in 2019 and pushes the boundaries of the theme chosen ‘How will we live together?’. “In fact,” says the curator Olga Subirós, “we have read this question in a very radical way, as ‘How will we survive together?’”

Air was based on the scientific evidence that pollution and climate change are just two sides of the same coin. This year, COVID-19 added on top of those pressures.

“We can also see that these three crises highlight an accompanying social inequality,” Subirós explains. “The awareness that we cannot breathe, in the most literal and metaphorical sense, has spread globally: we breathe the air of the Anthropocene, an air full of particles that come from the fossil fuels of the machines we use. You could say that our air is designed by humans. We must redesign that air for life.”

Architects In Barcelona Use Data To Make Air Pollution Visible
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