Cartographic evidence of the invisible cities
Cartographic evidence of the invisible cities
The essay “Cartographic evidence of the invisible cities” is part of the ongoing “Nocturnal Landscapes: Urban Flows of Global Metropolises” initiative. The project provides a comprehensive look at global metropolises at night, combining big data, analysis and observation, questioning the correlation of human activity and…

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Quaderns Biennale, 2021: Air|Aria|Aire
Quaderns Biennale, 2021: Air|Aria|Aire
In this issue, the proposal Air|Aria|Aire, curated by the architect Olga Subirós for the Biennale, confronts us with what is, without a doubt, the most serious global crisis we have to face: climate change. Part of this crisis is visible in the form of wildfires…

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Covid 19, distància física i ciutat
Solucions, també, per a una ciutat més habitable, saludable i justa. Aquesta es la proposta de l’autora de l’article ‘Covid 19, distància física i ciutat’ sobre les mesures que estan prenent les grans metròpolis del planeta per tenir un futur més sostenible i com ha…

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Rock, Paper, Circus
Lina Bo Bardi Drawing is an exhibition about the architect’s deep sense of connection with drawing. For her, drawing was more than a designer’s tool; it was a primary expressive means driven by a strong sense of curiosity and doubt. In the following article ‘Rock,…

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More than data
As a complement to the dossier “Digital City”, photographer Gunnar Knechtel has produced the photographic series ‘More than data’, which explores the relationship between technology and information in the city.

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Big Bang Data
Hemos externalizado nuestra memoria. Estamos entregando el pasado y el presente de nuestra intimidad a manos ajenas a través de todo tipo de dispositivos. Hemos sucumbido a la ilusión de tener nuestros datos en una nube no evil para siempre. Y lo hacemos aunque Snowden…

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