London’s dazzling ‘Big Bang Data’ exhibition reveals the ugly truths of our digital lives


The group exhibition “Big Bang Data,” which opens today at London’s Somerset House, is all about selfie-expression. It takes the reams of unseen numbers, words, and images that modern humans toss carelessly in our wake and puts them under a big spotlight. […]

The shows takes the 2.5 trillion bytes of data produced by humans everyday as a starting point for examining how the world is changing as a result of the so-called “Big Bang” of data which happened in 2002, with the proliferation of sensors, smart devices, and everyday online activity. […] Already 120,000 people have visited the “Big Bang Data” exhibition when it was previously on show in Madrid, Barcelona, and Buenos Aires. The curators have done well to translate this interactive digital exhibition for the winding, old fashioned space of Somerset House’s Embankment galleries. […]

London's Dazzling 'Big Bang Data' Exhibition Reveals the Ugly Truths of Our Digital Lives
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