Olga Subirós’ talk and round table at Sónar+D CCCB session about “Catalonia in Venice – AIRE/ARIA/AIR”

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Institut Ramon Llull presents at Sónar+D CCCB Catalonia in Venice – AIRE/ARIA/AIR, Evento Collaterale della Biennale Architettura 2021, an exhibition curated by the architect Olga Subirós.

AIRE/ARIA/AIR is based on the study of the city through the application of digital technologies to analyse big data, viewed as an invaluable tool for empowering citizens and for enabling architects to design more sustainable, healthier, fairer cities.

We will think about the air we breathe, what it contains and how to preserve it. We will discuss about scientific data and technology with Laia Romero (Lobelia Earth), and Josep Perelló (OpenSystems, Universitat de Barcelona), and we will map the air with the architects Mar Santamaría and Pablo Martínez (300.00 km/s). The curators José Luis de Vicente and Olga Subirós will moderate the session and there will be an intervention by the singer Maria Arnal.

Olga Subirós moderates at Sónar+D CCCB the session about "Catalonia in Venice - AIRE/ARIA/AIR"
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