Parsing nebulous data into work of art

Parsing nebulous data into work of artThe Asian debut of Big Bang Data transforms the vast amount of data that the world is generating daily – from emails, selfies, Google searches and online purchases – into large-scale, immersive art installations and contemporary artworks.

Big Bang Data – an exhibition which debuted in Barcelona in 2014, then Madrid and London, sees artists, designers, journalists and visionaries present data in tangible – and often beautiful – ways, while raising questions and exploring issues about personal privacy.

“Having data means there’s now this possibility of scientific research, which also opens a new way we approach and make decisions, in political, social and economic situations. Today, important key terms used in this new world include data, metadata, algorithms, prediction, pattern – we’re used to hearing about them,” says Olga Subiros, Big Bang Data’s co-curator.

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Project: Big Bang Data


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