Innovation in the Art of Food: Chef Ferran Adrià, Museum of Science, Boston

Innovation in the Art of Food: Chef Ferran Adrià

Museum of Science

Its former head chef of 25 years, the world-famous Ferran Adrià, is the featured subject of Innovation in the Art of Food: Chef Ferran Adrià. Through unusual tastes, textures, and untraditional high-tech appliances, Adrià and his team have added a multi-sensory, magical dimension to the experience of eating — radically revolutionizing the way food is both created and consumed. Along with Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture, this temporary exhibit supports Museum president and director Ioannis Miaoulis’s mission to enhance food education.

Conceptualization (in alphabetical order): elBulli, Marta Gimeno, Olga Subirós
Exhibition Design: Olga Subirós Studio
Graphic Design: Mario Eskenazi