Privacy policy

Introduction: With the information provided below, OLGA SUBIRÓS STUDIO wishes to inform you of the Privacy Policy that it applies to your personal data.

In accordance with the Law on Personal data Protection, OLGA SUBIRÓS STUDIO fulfils all the requirements set forth by current legislation on the protection of personal data. Any such data are our responsibility and are treated in accordance with legal requirements.

Security measures: All the necessary technical and organizational security measures have been taken to guarantee the confidentiality of your data in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.

Purpose: The purposes for which we process the data you provide us with are as follows:

(i) You are informed that the personal details you provide and those obtained as a result of your relationship with us will be added to a database/s belonging to OLGA SUBIRÓS STUDIO and used primarily for the purposes of general administration, maintenance, compliance, development and management of your relationship with us.

(ii) Contact: To manage your communications with OLGA SUBIRÓS STUDIO, whether this involves queries, assistance, collaboration requests, claims, complaints, accusations, booking of meeting rooms, rental of space, requests for services and any other reason.

(iii) Social networks: OLGA SUBIRÓS STUDIO advises users that it is present on social networks. The treatment of the data of people who become followers (and/or establish a link or any other kind of connection with OLGA SUBIRÓS STUDIO on the social networks) of the official sites of OLGA SUBIRÓS STUDIO on the social networks shall be governed by this clause, the Legal Notice of the Website and any other Conditions of Use, Privacy Policies or other regulations on access, use and similar that belong to the social network in question, which the user of the social networks should already have accepted. OLGA SUBIRÓS STUDIO will handle the data provided when users become a follower to effectively manage the user’s presence on the social network in question, informing him/her of the activities of OLGA SUBIRÓS STUDIO or other parties that may be related to OLGA SUBIRÓS STUDIO’s activities, and any other information that the regulations of the social networks may authorize.

(iv) Likewise, your data may be communicated if this is necessary to comply with any legal and or/contractual obligations that may exist.

Cookies: Please refer to the cookies policy by clicking on this link.

Users’ rights: If necessary, you may exercise your right to access, change, delete or oppose the use of your data by writing, with a copy of an official identification document, to OLGA SUBIRÓS STUDIO at Passatge de Mercader, 10, Pb3 – 08008 Barcelona, Spain, or by sending an email to info@olgasubiros.com, indicating on the envelope or in the subject line: OLGA SUBIRÓS STUDIO Privacy Policy.

In view of the above, we understand that if you provide us with your data, you are expressly authorizing us to process those data in accordance with the above clauses.