Data Square



This space is committed to displaying and providing access to EPFL’s two major research projects. In the spirit of sharing knowledge and interacting with the general public, the ambitious staging showcases the two major scientific, technological and social issues that these projects are undertaking.

The Blue Brain Project, EPFL’s contribution to Europe’s Human Brain Project, seeks to simulate the physiology of the human brain based on a vast collection of neurobiological and clinical data.

The Venice Time Machine aims to restore nearly 1,000 years of the history of Venice starting with the digitization of more than 80 km of manuscripts kept in state archives of the city.

These projects constitute the central part of the DataSquare pavilion, which presents them as two leading examples of the potential of Big Data in science and the humanities.The rest of the exhibition shows EPFL itself through the lens of data, particularly through visualizations of collaborative networks and research topics within the school.


Olga Subirós

Olga Subirós Studio

Data visualization
Moritz Stefaner

Frankie de Leonardis

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