Ferran Adrià & elBulli: Risk, Freedom & Creativity

Palau Robert


The exhibition Ferran Adrià & elBulli: Risk, Freedom & Creativity comes after elBulli closed its doors in July 2011, a decision that was taken so that it could undergo its transformation into elBullifoundation, a centre for gastronomic experimentation and innovation. Over the years, Ferran Adrià has become a global icon of gastronomy. The work done at elBulli has received global recognition and has set the direction for the future of cooking. The names of Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler, Albert Adrià and of elBulli’s entire creative team are associated with values such as reflection, talent, innovation, leadership, teamwork, a job well done, internationalisation and solidarity. Going far beyond the field of gastronomy, their work embraces areas such as art and technology.


Conceptualization (in alphabetical order)
elBulli, Marta Gimeno, Olga Subirós

Exhibition design
Olga Subirós Studio

Graphic design
Mario Eskenazi

Gunnar Knechtel

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