Ferran Adrià. Auditing the creative process

Fundación Telefónica

Latin America Tour: Lima, Buenos Aires

'Ferran Adrià. Auditing the creative process' is not a culinary exhibition but a journey on which visitors can plunge into the creative universe of the chef and his team in a space dedicated to the study of his creative process and the interpretation of the elBulli model. Its aim is to surprise visitors and invite them to reflect on their own creative profile. From large murals to hundreds of drawings done by Adrià himself, along with emblematic objects and tools from what was the world’s best restaurant, and even a recreation of the restaurant and the kitchen where the 1846 dishes that make up the history of this inimitable restaurant were prepared. Its success was based on constant renovation and innovative and creative guidelines, characteristics that made it into a worldwide benchmark, and not just in the world of cuisine.

The exhibition features captivating audiovisual projections and animations that help dissect and interpret this creative universe and invite the visitor into the chef’s mind.


Conceptualization (in alphabetical order)
Bestiario, elBulli, Maria Brancós, Olga Subirós

Exhibition design
Olga Subirós Studio