Festival Tentacular



Festival Tentacular is a space for unsettling reflections, unpredictable creative projects and non-academic research to help us understand the new crises; a journey to the darkest corners of the techno-political infrastructure of today, but also a celebration of the work and ideas of artists, researchers and activists around the world who are fashioning alternatives and responses to shape a new technological imaginary.

The proposal gives a presence to the 1000sqm space with a 15 meters diameter white circle with a large double side screen prepared to receive simultaneously three audiovisual projections and some lighting projection effects to play with. The double screen organizes the space in two parts: the entrance, with the bar, and the agora. The design includes a motion graphic red line that slowly moves as a background for the event breaks and a red line light for the bar. Avoiding the topics, it has no platform stage, no hanging solo screen, no lectern, no sofas for speakers, no backstage. Everything is transparent and horizontal.


Matadero Madrid, Contemporary Art center

Stage design
Olga Subirós Studio

Olga Subirós
Lukasz Michalak