Red Love

Tensta konsthall


García is interested in how one can think and manifest different kinds of politics in a performative way. Her exhibition Red Love in Tensta konsthall takes as a starting point the life and work of the Russian feminist, writer, political activist and diplomat Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952). The space is charged with a large cage-like wooden structure borrowed from Dusan Makavejev's film W.R .: Mysteries of the Organism from 1971, an imaginative depiction of sex in a socialist society forbidden in Yugoslavia. A wooden spiral staircase can be linked to the uniqueness of the Museum of Jurassic Technologies in Los Angeles. Like a curiosity cabinet, a wide selection of remarkable items beyond ordinary museum categories. The floor painting in turn resembles Malévich's suprematistic paintings.


Dora García

Olga Subirós Studio