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Loop Festival at Arts Santa Mònica


“All is yet to be done and all is possible”.

“These words, written originally in Catalan, are those of the poet Miquel Martí i Pol. They reflect the essence of my feelings and the need to not falter in my venture to guide artists and care for art. In artwork there resides a feeling of fundamental freedom for a fair society; in the act of doing there dwells a kind of love that is essential if we are to embrace the world in all its harshness. This exhibition is a tiny piece of a greater treasure – the artistic community that surrounds us – and I hope it serves to kindle a desire to band together, to feel, to listen and to see the world as one.” Chus Martínez and Rosa Lleó.


Chus Martínez
Rosa Lleó

Olga Subirós Studio

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