Water For Life

Expo Zaragoza 2008


Based on humanity and it's relationship to water, the exhibition Water For Life explores our emotional, biological and chemical connections to this fundamental building block of life.
Program Collective sought to create a series of spaces for the public to sensually and conceptually grasp our connection to the remarkable yet fragile nature of this sustaining element. Interdisciplinary installations combine cascading, suspended and pooling water with the moving image, sound, text, color, light and sculpted forms. These experiences prompt us to pay greater attention to water's essential value - throught its palpable qualities, changes, moods, proximity and weight we realize its vital importance.


Conceptualisation & Exhibition design
Program Collective / Mona Kim, Todd Palmer, Olga Subirós, Simon Taylor

‘Splash’ sculpture Production Supervision
Olga Subirós

Gunnar Knechtel

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